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Częstochowa – The Black Madonna Tour

Black Madonna, Jasna Góra, Virgin Mary – Czestochowa Tour

Częstochowa is a very special place not only for Polish people, but but for every Christian. It’s been the location of one the most sacred painting of Black Madonna a place of a most fervent cult of Virgin Marry. She’s been called the Queen of Poland for centuries and the painting’s power is being turned to everyday. Pilgrimages to the painting are being organized throughout the year and to take one is considered to be very important in soon-to-be college students life.

The city role in Polish history cannot be underestimated since it was the famous defense of Czestochowa that kept the country a whole in 1655 when the Swedish Invasion struck. Jasna Góra has withstood a heavy artillery fire, which has been considered a miracle ever since.

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